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Trifecta Box Betting

Trifecta Box Betting

The following is a discussion of Trifecta Box betting. In this Trifecta Betting variant, the bettor is allowed to pick any set of horses to finish in any order in the top three positions.

Trifecta Box Betting

Unlike a straight Trifecta Bet, Trifecta Box betting involves picking the top three horses that will finish the race in ANY order. Trifecta Box betting improves your chances of being successful because the order in which the horses finish is unimportant.

There’s one small catch: Trifecta Box bets cost more than a Straight Trifecta Bet, usually $6 per bet. The extra money paid for a Trifecta Box bet is for purchasing all the various combinations in which your three horses can finish. Mathematically speaking, the are 6 possible finishing combinations of 3 horses. Therefore, your Trifecta Box bet will cost $1 per combination, for a total of $6. The $6 amount is usually the minimum wager required to make a Trifecta Box Bet.

Example: $1 Trifecta Box Bet

Sample for how to make a straight Trifecta Box Bet from a horse racebook.
1. First, make sure you select the "Trifecta" betting option from your horse racebook’s wagering menu.
2. Note the horses listed in the race, usually on the left hand side of the screen. The column to the right lists the odds – the "ML" column in the above diagram.
3. Make your picks for the horses that will place first,
second, and third in any order. In this diagram, you must click the blue "Box" option to make a Trifecta Box Bet.

A $1 Trifecta Box bet on horses 11-1-7 means that there are 6 different possible winning combinations in which these horses can finish. Therefore, your cost is $1 per combination, for a total of $6. The bet wins if horses 11, 1, and 7 finish in the top 3 in any order.

Trifecta Box Combinations on horses 11, 1, and 7 at $1 each:
Finishing 11-1-7 = $1
Finishing 11-7-1 = $1
Finishing 1-7-11 = $1
Finishing 1-11-7 = $1
Finishing 7-11-1 = $1
Finishing 7-1-11 = $1
Total Wager = $6

Trifecta Betting Reference Examples:

Trifecta Box
3 horse $1 trifecta box = $6 Wager
4 horse $1 trifecta box = $24 Wager
5 horse $1 trifecta box = $60 Wager
6 horse $1 trifecta box = $120 Wager
7 horse $1 trifecta box = $210 Wager
8 horse $1 trifecta box = $336 Wager
9 horse $1 trifecta box = $504 Wager
10 horse $1 trifecta box = $720 Wager
11 horse $1 trifecta box = $990 Wager
12 horse $1 trifecta box = $1320 Wager

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